VOD-Patriots Pen Winners

Cynthia Lewis - 1/19/2021

On Saturday January 16, 2021 at 6:00 pm the VFW held their 35th Year of the VOD. Due to the challenges of COVID the VOD-Patriots Pen was live via Zoom. 1st Place-District 9-Julia Mehl 2nd Place-District 26-Caelyn Kim 3rd Place-District 15-Olivia Matha 4th Place-District 19-Louise Bennett 5th Place-District 17-Adeline Ziegler Below Winners Per District: District 1-Giavanna Stanger District 7-Carolyn Klopfenstein District 8-Connor Mangan District 10-Olivia Yoder District 11-No Entries District 12-Hannah Towey District 13-Sarah Kramer District 14--Thomas Gibson District 16-Alisa Zenchenko District 18-John Ferster District 20-Sarah Fritz District-21-Isabella Perez District 22-Jabon Butler District 23-Maggie Vaughn District 24-Katelyn Stokan District 25-Joseph Albanese District 27-Anna Leonard District 28-Abigail Hancox District 29-Connor Stewart Pennsylvania VOD Teacher of the Year Winner District 18-Mark McManus Patriot Pen Winners: 1st Place-District 14-Eowyn Thompson 2nd Place-District 12-Hannah Fourspring 3rd Place-District 21-Emma Hockensmith