PA VFW Moves to a New Website Platform Popular Across the Country

PA VFW HQ - 1/7/2021

 The Pennsylvania VFW Headquarters recently transitioned to a new website platform.
"I think it has a nice look and feel to it,” said State Commander Ronald J. Peters. "What is also nice about it is that it is tied in from National HQ to the State Department and if Districts and Posts utilize the same platform they will be tied in all together. That is mainly the calendar and the news feed.”  
Director of Communications Cory Angell said that there will be growing pains. 
"People tend to have different preferences and there is no doubt that I missed dragging over some items from the old site,” said Angell. "We can fix things as we go and that is normally how the process works. I am more than happy to take advice from users of the site.”

Angell said migrating to the new platform should be beneficial to everyone. It has professional art preloaded and can populate a calendar that everyone shares. It features a scrolling carousel of artwork for each branch. He also said it can generate an e-newsletter that you can sign up for on the site.

"I learn more and more about what you can do but it can be as simple or as complex as a user wants,” said Angell. "We all still have a lot of work to do so I ask for everyone’s patience.”
The new site is located at: